Why Small Businesses need a Blog

Why Small Businesses need a Blog

The traditional method of expanding a business is to either rely on word-of-mouth or use paid advertising. These methods are still used effectively; however with the introduction of the internet marketing tools are changing and the audience and readership of newspapers and magazines is moving online. A Small Business blog is the online version of the traditional marketing tools, and if used correctly can be extremely effective in attracting a more global audience, as well as allowing instant interaction with customers.

The first attraction of a blog, both for the blogger and the reader, is it is free and voluntary. By writing frequent articles and blog updates, customers can comment on them and in turn drive additional traffic fueling more interest and a steady increase in followers and traffic to your Blog or website. A blog quietly goes about spreading the word without the fanfare and big budget of an advertising Campaign in the media, and if the product or service you are blogging about has inherent merits to it, the spread is exponential in no time.

If you are willing to put in the time, it is quite easy to be part of the breed of bloggers who are respected professionals in their field, and who when they blog carry an air of authority and trustworthiness about them. So hearing the word from them spurs the reader to trust them and go and buy the product or service himself. Also blogs carrying business articles and business news are contributory to the growth of any business.

A Small business blog

A small business blog is a great relationship tool, and allows the customer to freely interact with you and often this feedback contributes to the growth and improvement of the blog and the business. Blogging is free and maintaining it is quite easy, unlike the overhead of a Marketing or Public Relations department which a small business can neither afford nor keep it cost effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool in making the blog effective. After all, every business owner would love to have his product or service or company name pop up in the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo, when someone searches for it. SEO is the way to go about it and a small business blog cannot do without it.

A Video Blog

Finally it is worth mentioning about a video blog for a small business in conjunction or in preference to a plain written one. Video diaries or Blogs have their own appeal to the prospective customer of the business – a video is worth a thousand words, and a short and recurring video about the product, about the company and its profile, and about user experience can greatly enhance the small businesses presence online and that is can often convert to be more money at the till. A video blog, because of its appeal to the search engines, can increase your blogs rankings quicker, and is a great way to share knowledge or show off any products or services you have.

Learning How to Blog

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written by Catherine Holt On 13 January 2014 Reply

I agree that it is a great idea for small business’ to have a blog. Not only does it help engage with customers, but it means your business can have a far wider reach :-)

written by Angus McDonald On 14 January 2014 Reply

Business is all about building relationships with the customers and a blog is a great way to do this.

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