Why having a Linking Strategy is important

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Why having a Linking Strategy is important

A Linking Strategy is: How you would like your website to handle external and internal links?  There are plenty ways your site can show value to search engines when it comes to back-links.

Back-links are recommendations or acknowledgements from other sites. The search engines are trying to determine why someone wants to visit your site. The best way for them to do this is to look at what other types of sites are linking to yours.

Getting back-links from sites similar to your own is important, as Search engines are getting smarter at identifying good and bad back-links, and will demote your site if you have links from sites that are not relevant or topical, and may have been  created with the intent to simply boost your rankings. This is where Quality is better than Quantity!!

All these Quality votes will validate your cause for top search engine positioning. The more quality / relevant back-links you have pointing back at you the better this is going to be.

There are 3 types of links that should concern you:

Internal links

Internal Links are hyperlinks that target the same domains as the source link. Basically they connect the pages of your website. These links are of an utmost importance to increase relevancy of your pages.

These types of links are useful for three reasons;

  • they allow users to navigate your website
  • they establish information hierarchy for you website
  • they spread ranking power around your website.

Inbound links

Inbound Links are links pointing to your website from other sites. The relevancy of your website is given by the inbound links that affect the ranking of your website in search engines. My advice is when building inbound links, try finding web pages with content that is relevant and interesting. Using niche keywords in the anchor text of the link is important, too.

Outbound links

Outbound Links point from your website to other websites. Except Google, nobody knows how these work, although there are many opinions concerning outbound links. The thing is users expect to find references to trusted resources when visiting your site. So it is important to have an inbound and outbound mixture of links which point to high quality Internet resources that exist. Never agree to place links to low quality web pages and don’t put more than three outbound links per page.

Link building strategies that work can take time and trial and error. For improving your linking strategies you can use:

–      links from blogs

–      web directories

–      article directories

–      press releases

–      Social Media

–      Comments on other Blogs / Forums

Back-link Checker Tools

It is important to also protect yourself from bad Back-links and this can be done using a back-link checker tool made up of a series of tests helping you to determine how many back-links are pointing to the website or URL you entered.

There are many free back-link checkers online; the best is the new Links checker in the Google Webmaster tools.

Spaghetti Back-link Map

Back-Link Spaghetti across the World Wide Web

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