What are Social Media Networking Services?

Why use Social Media Networking Services?

What are Social Media Networking Services?

What  are Social Media Networking Services?

One of the biggest changes in the world of business is the way we interact with our potential customers, thanks to social media networking services. In the old days if we want to promote our services, company or product we would have to take out newspaper advertisements, television advertisements or radio commercials but now with the introduction of social media networking services including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, business owners and marketing professionals are able to communicate their message to a much wider audience in shorter space of time.

Social networking sites

These sites include; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+,  and Tumblr, are not just online fun social networking sites for people who want to make friends and share their news, social networking sites are an important part of an online marketing strategy.

One of the biggest users of social networking sites are record companies. Record companies like to use the likes of Facebook and Twitter to promote their artists, let the fans know about new albums coming out and new tours, knowing that by using social networking sites such as Facebook will reduce their marketing costs and allow them to get the message out straight away.

When a record company decides they are going to add on new dates for a tour, the first thing they do is to announce it on Twitter and Facebook. This allows the record companies to save a fortune on advertising and it allows them to get the news out straight away, which means within hours of announcing a new date to a tour that tour date could be sold out.

For a business of any size the two best social networking sites to use at the moment are Facebook and Twitter. These two sites allow a business owner to reach out to their potential customers, reaching out to millions of potential customers who could buy your product and service, and best of all you can run a successful marketing campaign for free.

By using Social Media for Businesses you can develop your brand, you can communicate with your potential customer, giving them a personal experience with your company. Twitter allows you to have a quick response with your potential customer, allowing you to gain a following and speak to your customers and encourage them to buy your products or services.

Why use Social Media Networking sites?

They are a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website;

  • they allow you to let people know about a new article, product review or news you want to share with the world.
  • Every time you post on a social network, you are leaving a footprint, gaining a link to your site but more importantly, you are letting people know about your blog or website.

There are many tools out there that allow you to use social networks in a simple way.

Instead of you posting articles on your site and then going to different social networking sites to let people know about your new article, you can simply buy an extension which will take this time consuming job away and instead post details about every single new article you put on your site.

If you are looking to communicate with your potential customers or to gain traffic to your blog or website then using social networking sites is the answer.

If you want to learn more about using these sites to promote your business and drive traffic to your Blog or website, then join the Learn How to Blog team now and get started on changing your future.

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written by Angus McDonald On 11 February 2014 Reply

You are right Simon, Social Media is really important in the process.

written by Catherine Holt On 11 February 2014 Reply

It’s funny how a lot of small business think they don’t need to use social media networks or ‘don’t think it rally works’ yet the big guys are doing just that! When you think about it, everything now days is announced on one social media platform or another. Ignoring this incredibly useful tool is just dooming your business!

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