Reasons to Blog that You Might Not Have Considered

Blogging Benefits

Blogging has become the “in” thing to do when you want to create an online presence. However, no one truly understands why blogging can be beneficial for you as well as being a powerful asset. Some blogging benefits are not apparent until you have been at it for a while.

Kick Off a New Business

For some, blogging is a hobby, an outlet where you can share your passion for something. However, what if you wanted to start a new business? What better way to spread the word and gain an online following than through a blog! One of the blogging benefits you can enjoy is a great marketing strategy, especially if you already have an existing blog readership before starting a business. You have a built-in audience with great potential for future sales.

Attain a Better Job

More than ever, potential employers head to the internet as a way of screening potential job candidates. They not only look for representation of poor behaviour choices to weed out their pool of candidates but they also look at whether or not you have a strong, positive online presence. Maintaining a blog with quality content and frequent interaction with your readership presents you in a positive light to employers, one of the many benefits of blogging.

Increase Influence and Establish Expert Status

Building a strong online foundation with your blog and increasing your readership is important. The interaction you have with your readers helps you gain influence with others and creates relationships. One blogging benefit you can reap is eventually being viewed as proficient in your field. If your quality, relevant blog content is always researched and can be proven, you will gain respect from your readers and be accepted as an expert. You can parlay this status into many opportunities from consulting to public speaking gigs.

Get Published

Many writers yearn to get published. However, the publishing business is cutthroat and very competitive these days. The good news is you can benefit from your blog as it helps establish your online presence. No one wants to take a chance on an unknown writer but one with an established audience of readers? You will be taken more seriously and have a better chance of being published.

Perhaps the number one benefit of blogging is the improvement of your craft. No other way exists to become a better writer than writing! A blog’s audience is the perfect sounding board as most people are more than happy to share their opinion. The more you write, the better you get.

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