Ideas to Make Money from your Blog

Monetizing your Blog

Blogging can have financial benefits

Ideas to Make Money from your Blog

When you start to build up a group of loyal followers to your Blog, and you are thinking of making it a second income or even your business, it is a great ideas to start by promoting products similar to your Blog topic, and use these Ideas to Make Money from your Blog. In this article we will take a look at the most popular ones which are also, probably, the most lucrative ones and which can help make a blog successful money-wise. Following are the top ways to monetize your blog.


Using Adsense and other ads


Advertise on your Blog

Google AdSense is one way to Monetize your Blog

AdSense is a service provided by Google which allows you to place ads on your blog. This is an easy way which can help you monetize your blog. You just place the ads on the blog and earn a revenue each time somebody clicks the ad on your page. No sales are involved and it also involves no effort on your part; you earn a small amount every time one of the visitors of your blog clicks on an ad – the visitor does not even have to buy anything.


Instead of using Adsense, one can also accept ads directly from other sites and earn a monthly income for promoting the other sites on the blog. Another option would also be to use the ad to promote an affiliate offer for a commission.


Add a Shopping Cart


Shopping Cart is a great way to sell products online

Don’t leave your Shopping Trolley in the Park

Adding a shopping cart to your blog can help you make money by making it easy for people to buy directly from your site. This is a great option for those who have products to sell. Adding a shopping cart to your own blog will simplify the process of selling to your blog’s visitors. Those who sell their own products or who would be interested in selling other people’s products through their blog should definitely consider this option as a way to make money out of their blog.









Affiliate products


Sell other peoples products

Selling other peoples Products or Services

Affiliate networks such as Clickbank contain a wide range of affiliate products which one can promote for a commission. Clickbank is a hub for vendors, retailers and affiliate marketers.  Once you join the network, you can promote products that are sold on Clickbank on your blog, and earn a profit for each sale that is made through your blog.


This is a great option for those who would be interested in selling but do not have their own products to sell. The most popular products on Clickbank are “how to” ebooks, courses and programs and the advantage is that they cover almost every niche you can think of, so it would be easy to find something that relates to your blog.


Email Marketing


Sign-up for further emails

Email Marketing = List Building

Finally, Email Marketing. This is one of the easiest ways to make money through your blog. Having an email list will help you in many ways: for example, it will increase the visits to your blog and can also greatly increase your sales.

Email marketing involves collecting email sign ups through a landing page or a webform on your blog so that you can then send your subscribers daily/weekly/monthly emails with information, offers, articles, updates etc…

If done right, a subscriber can be turned into a customer over and over again, leading to a huge increase of potential revenue.


These are the four most common and an easy yet effective Ideas to Make Money from your Blog.

Keeping your blog updated and interesting is, of course a must to ensure its success, and an interesting Blog paired up with one or more of the above will ensure a lucrative income. However be aware that these still take time to setup and are not an overnight solution.

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you would like more detailed information on the above ideas..

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