Helpful Advice on How to Realise Revenue with your Blog

Monetisation Tips

Building a revenue stream from your blog cannot depend on a singular monetisation approach. Rather, you must employ multiple tactics to maintain engagement of your readership. The overall theme or premise of your blog often is a good indicator of appropriate monetisation options to consider. Which one is right for you?

Affiliate Marketing

One blog monetisation tip is affiliate marketing, a way of selling products from other resources or having someone else sell your product. In a way, you are like a commissioned salesman. If someone buys, you get a percentage. There are many different programs available to choose from. To avoid turning away your readership though, you should only choose a few affiliate options that truly tie into your blog’s overall theme or message.


Many different advertising options exist which could translate into successful blog monetisation. There is display type advertising which uses text, video and even interactive ads where you get paid per click. In-text advertising involves specific keywords or phrases in your blog content and has roll-over advertising linked to them. Banner ads are still used today but you can also garner your own advertising too.

Paid Online Courses and Seminars

Do you have relevant knowledge that people would pay to have? If so, you might consider offering online courses or seminars. People could pay by the course or invest in a subscription. These options could include ebooks and videos. Your own informational products and services means that you do not have to share your revenue with anyone. It is pure profit and from a blog monetisation standpoint, this is a great option.

Sell Products

Do you have a tangible product to sell? For instance, maybe you wrote a cookbook about organic foods. There are different venues in which to publish and sell your book. The same principle applies for hand-crafted art, jewellery or even clothing. Sites like CafePress and Etsy cater to people who need an outlet to sell their goods and there are many affiliate programs online that you could take advantage of that let you do dropshipping.

In monetising your blog, you are only limited to how you want to make money. There are digital ebook downloads, pay per posting options and even soliciting your own talents through consulting services and public speaking gigs. It is important to choose the options that best fit your blog and its primary theme. For instance, if you are handy with faux painting techniques and your blog focuses on this, you could conceivably be successful with a how-to ebook or a subscription paid video web series. Identify your talents and overall blog message and choose monetisation techniques that showcase them.

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