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Starting a Blog

Have you started blogging or are you planning to soon? You may have noticed that there are blogs that are extremely successful while others never take off. While the success or failure of a blog is a result of many factors, it all comes down to the personal efforts behind the blog. If you already have a business then this would be the perfect opportunity to provide valuable information to your customers, and to broaden your customer base. The following points may help you start and maintain a successful blogging venture.

Choosing a Blog Topic;

Identify your passion

Creating a successful blog starts with identifying your passion, or what would make you get out of bed in the morning? Many would-be bloggers try to copy others, and this is the first mistake. A major rule in blogging is to be yourself no matter what. Therefore, identify something that you are really passionate about and blog about it. There is a difference between an interest and a passion. Focus on passion because you live it, and leave interests aside because you just like them, and they won’t keep you motivated.

Identify a niche within your chosen topic

The next step to successful blogging is identifying a niche. A blogging niche is simply what you will be writing about. What type of information would you want to give your audience? The tightness or broadness of the niche can effect the size of the audience, so make sure it is not too specific, yet isn’t a topic with millions of blogs already existing. In identifying the niche, your passion plays a big role. What topics would you write on for your entire life? Are you an expert in any particular field? Content is what keeps a blog going so choose a niche that will allow for flexibility. Using keyword search tools will help you settle on one topic from the list you have already generated. Blogging with the search engines in mind is a guarantee for online success. Do your research to make sure you have a market and analyze the amount of competition using basic keyword tools and search engine results.

After doing research in your niche, you will realize that regardless of your passion or niche, chances are that there are already bloggers working along that line. Analyze that competition and plan how to beat it. The first step in beating competition is knowing who you are and not copying. Bad mouthing competition is not only unprofessional but it might also lose you readers. Instead, a blogger should embrace competition and use it as an inspiration for better work.

Start blogging

Finally, once you have finished Choosing a Blog Topic, you can choose a domain name and get your blog up and running. To Learn How to Blog, and open up the world to your passion, try taking a course like this one;

Most importantly, stay true for yourself, and stay positive. This will define your style, and over time you will create a successful blog!

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written by Peter Ryan On 1 January 2014 Reply

Helpful article, thanks Simon

written by Catherine Holt On 2 January 2014 Reply

Choosing a niche is incredibly important when starting a blog. Without a specific niche and direction, your blog is not going to be successful. It is definately worthwhile spending some time researching this before getting started :-)

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