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Does Money Grow on Trees?

Can Blogging Bring You Financial Freedom?

Can Blogging Bring You Financial Freedom?

Whether or not you are currently a blogger and have a day job, do you feel passionate about it? Do you yearn for something better? You probably crave financial freedom – we all do. Or perhaps you only want to make some additional income. What about making money through blogging? It probably hasn’t evaded your awareness that there are some bloggers out there doing this. But how do they? Can you make it happen too?

Develop a Business Strategy

The simple fact is that if you are just writing, you aren’t going to get much in terms of financial payout. But if you create a logical business strategy using your blog as the nucleus, well that’s another matter entirely. Most people would love to stay home and work on monetizing their blog, that is if they knew how to make it work.

Some believe that if they simply write blog posts that once they have accumulated a decent amount of content, their advertising revenues will pay off significantly. While it’s true that as content accumulates advertising revenue does also, you really can’t expect to make a living from that alone.

Your next thought may be to ask ‘so what can I do to create significant blog revenue’? And the answer is that it’s all up to you. How much creativity are you willing to put into your plan? The sky’s the limit. But don’t move too fast; think each step out in full. Once you get started it’s messy to backtrack.

Steps to Monetizing your Blog


The first and most important Step to monetizing your Blog is by having a blog that is as easy to monetize as possible, by choosing the right topic matter for your blog. This obviously means that if you have already chosen a blog topic and the audience isn’t there; or if your blog doesn’t have content relative to the business you wish to associate with it, you will need to change it to have a shot at success.

Do your research and find out what people are reading. Choose a topic that you can add originality and quality to; making money online is the result of having a professional quality blog.

With the above facts in mind, here are some ideas to help you create a strategy to blogging in order to create financial freedom:

  • Develop effective writing skills and work on presenting top notch content.
  • Set up a Google AdSense or other advertising account and post relevant ads.
  • Set up an online business. Write interesting posts relative to your products to draw readers there.
  • Get involved in affiliate sales. Find products relative to your content and put links in each post. But if you do this, don’t hide the fact that you are an affiliate as it will work against you.
  • Work on creating solid blog traffic. This is something we all aim to do, but once you get into figures over the 10,000 mark you can begin selling advertising spots.
  • Create a product that sells and market it through your blog. An example could be an eBook. I use this as an example because it’s something anyone could do. If not an eBook, perhaps you could develop a web app or perform a service and charge a fee for it. Guest blogging is another idea.

The above are steps you would take toward building a professional blog and will answer the question “Can Blogging bring you financial freedom?“. There are no limits as to the heights you can take your blog to when you commit yourself to success.

You can learn how to complete the steps above in the Learn How to Blog online course.

  • Social Media for Businesses

Social Media for Businesses

Social Media for Businesses

Social media has emerged as a boost for a huge variety of online users, from those people with niche blogs to major businesses like Red Bull, or Coca Cola. Apart from making a website, and starting a Blog, using Social Media for Businesses is so important in today’s world.

Strategically designed online marketing programs provide a great help in achieving business goals. Social media marketing allows responses to be received in real-time, which doesn’t only speed up your sales activity, but also helps to improve your products by being able to utilize the feedback (good and bad). Gone are the days of going door to door for marketing. It’s time to get smarter and explore the limitless rewards that the digital world can offer to develop your business efficiently.

When we want to engage the customer, you need to utilize social networking websites and tools. Social media started a revolution and is a perfect place to communicate globally.

Social Media Sites

Signing up to various social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, and Pinterest, plays a considerable role in creating a change in your marketing strategy. In addition to making pages and posting advertisements on Facebook and Twitter, uploading videos of products on YouTube is recommended for increasing your audience as search engines show preference to videos and Pictures. Sending personal or business emails with cheesy, short and descriptive subject lines, entices the existing marketing list to a lesser extent than by using Social Media to interact in real-time.

Starting up with your own blog and providing the audience with unique and quality content act as a milestone in business development. These blogs can be well promoted on social media to build a rapport with the customer and keeps them updated with new products and services. Every time you update your Blog, send out a notification using your Social Media accounts, and use Google tools to track the response. I often use the Google URL shortening tool to help to keep the messages short;

Customer engagement can be achieved by updating your blog frequently and consistently with knowledgeable and interesting information. Provide new and existing customers with the best information about your services and be prompt in replying to their questions. Access all the social media accounts frequently so as to avoid missing out any useful query and maintain harmony with customer.

Social Media saves Money

When it comes to overall expenditure in online promotion of business, it’s not a large expense. Due to the abundance of competition for online campaigning, posting advertisements on social media is quite pocket friendly, and ensures you are interacting effectively with the customer throughout.

Using Social Media to Promote your Business takes time, and to make a considerable number of online followers requires patience, so keep utilizing your knowledge to update your blog and promoting it on social media. You shouldn’t give up as the beginning is always the hardest. If you are still unsure, read this article on ‘Why Small Business need a Blog’.

To put in a nutshell, social media is a blessing in this digital world, utilize it the best you can, and keep learning and following the latest social media tools and trends to help you to keep climbing the stairs of success in your business.

What is the most successful marketing technique you’ve used outside of Social Media?

  • 5 Tips to a Successful Business Blog

5 Tips to a Successful Business Blog


5 Tips to a Successful Business Blog

Online blogging is not only a way to promote products and services but also a great avenue to earn money. Most blogs are interactive and provide a considerable deal of satisfaction to the blogger. Blogs range from building personal online diaries to advertising your own brands. They can be connected to social networking websites to get prompt responses and reach larger audiences. So, if you have an idea, passion, or Business, then you are ready for a Blog. All you need is to design a good layout and ensure easy navigation, which can be obtained by using applications such as WordPress.

Following are a few tips to win the race and become a Successful Business Blogger.

1. Frequent Blog Posts:

Show your ardent interest by maintaining regularity of posts. If you have a significant number of followers, they will look forward to reading you Blog more often. Frequent updates are required to hold the attention of an audience. Promote and share consistently without forgetting a call to action; to buy a product, respond to your article, or download a free e-book.

2. Add Value to your readers:

Interesting and quality content is always appreciated. Keeping abreast of the latest trends adds to the value of the post. Well-equipped and unique content works best towards costumer engagement. It can be enhanced by adding relevant information enriched in pictures, videos and articles.  It engages the customer and promotes your business effectively.

 3. Be Patient:

Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes time to grab people’s attention and build a huge following. Getting appreciated for your work in in the world of blog traffic is a great achievement. Keep maintaining your blog with aesthetically ordered quality content, good keywords, and attention to SEO, and you will come into the light sooner.

 4. Be Original:

Credible content is much more acceptable. Being loyal with the audience helps to keep them engaged and promotes your product to a larger crowd. Blogs should be maintained originally and hiring someone to write on your behalf is certainly not the best idea, unless they are a tried and tested writer that understands your Blog topic or niche. However, after building a significant following blogs can be expanded according to need.

 5. Welcome feedback:

Be acceptable towards appreciation as well as suggestions to improve your blog. Allowing people to comment on your posts make your blog interactive and audiences do enjoy it. If you are consistent in responding to comments, you are on the right track. A blog without a call to action is ineffective and lacks in customer engagement, so make sure you ask for ideas, or feedback on your articles.


When there is creativity and focus, there is a blog. A blogger should be open enough to promote and share what he writes. Apart from above 5 tips to a Successful Business Blog, don’t forget to proofread twice before posting your content.00

A desire to succeed and perseverance will help your blog to go miles and miles ahead. Having a point of view is always great and sharing it with others is easy to do in a Blog.

Please Leave a Comment stating your favorite Blog that you read regularly.

A Small Business Blog

Why Small Businesses need a Blog

Why Small Businesses need a Blog

The traditional method of expanding a business is to either rely on word-of-mouth or use paid advertising. These methods are still used effectively; however with the introduction of the internet marketing tools are changing and the audience and readership of newspapers and magazines is moving online. A Small Business blog is the online version of the traditional marketing tools, and if used correctly can be extremely effective in attracting a more global audience, as well as allowing instant interaction with customers.

The first attraction of a blog, both for the blogger and the reader, is it is free and voluntary. By writing frequent articles and blog updates, customers can comment on them and in turn drive additional traffic fueling more interest and a steady increase in followers and traffic to your Blog or website. A blog quietly goes about spreading the word without the fanfare and big budget of an advertising Campaign in the media, and if the product or service you are blogging about has inherent merits to it, the spread is exponential in no time.

If you are willing to put in the time, it is quite easy to be part of the breed of bloggers who are respected professionals in their field, and who when they blog carry an air of authority and trustworthiness about them. So hearing the word from them spurs the reader to trust them and go and buy the product or service himself. Also blogs carrying business articles and business news are contributory to the growth of any business.

A Small business blog

A small business blog is a great relationship tool, and allows the customer to freely interact with you and often this feedback contributes to the growth and improvement of the blog and the business. Blogging is free and maintaining it is quite easy, unlike the overhead of a Marketing or Public Relations department which a small business can neither afford nor keep it cost effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool in making the blog effective. After all, every business owner would love to have his product or service or company name pop up in the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo, when someone searches for it. SEO is the way to go about it and a small business blog cannot do without it.

A Video Blog

Finally it is worth mentioning about a video blog for a small business in conjunction or in preference to a plain written one. Video diaries or Blogs have their own appeal to the prospective customer of the business – a video is worth a thousand words, and a short and recurring video about the product, about the company and its profile, and about user experience can greatly enhance the small businesses presence online and that is can often convert to be more money at the till. A video blog, because of its appeal to the search engines, can increase your blogs rankings quicker, and is a great way to share knowledge or show off any products or services you have.

Learning How to Blog

If you would like to learn more about Starting a Blog for your business or simply learn how to blog better, then try a 12 month course full of amazing content to grow your business quickly and professionally.  Learn How To Blog