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Keyword Research Tools are essential

Keyword Research will give your Blog a Boost

Keyword Research will give your Blog a Boost


Everyone owning a site or a blog should know about and practice Keyword Research, it is vital in getting ranked on search engines. Long tail keywords can also greatly help a site’s ranking and in this article we will further explain about both.


Keyword Research will give your Blog a Boost because it is a process that involves finding popular keywords to write articles on. This means finding out which keywords people look for most in search engines. Knowing what people type into search engines will help you know what content to add to your website in order to provide people with the information they are looking for and it also helps you target your ideal visitors.

Doing keyword research will help you connect to people who are specifically looking for the information you provide on your site. This means that keyword research is a great way to get lots of targeted, high quality traffic that will eventually lead to sales.

This process will also help you know how to rank for multiple keywords on the same topic. This is very important as it increases your credibility, both on the eyes of the visitors as well as the search engines.

Keyword Research Tools

Their are many Keyword Research tools available to assist with your research, some of the best ones are free and supplied by the Search engines. This means you get access to the database of searches for the Search engines, and the volumes of searches either worldwide or country specific.

Examples are;

  • Google Adwords – Keyword Planner – Free signup
  • Bing keyword Research – Free signup
  • SEOTools – free online search tool

Their are many others that can be found online. They are generally quite simple to use and also have How-To videos to help if needed.


Long tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords are another way to get traffic to your site, and are basically Keyword Phrases, or longer keywords that are more specific. A long tail keyword would be, for example:

“how to cook chicken for a girlfriend who is tired of eating chicken”

Instead of a shorter keyword such as “how to cook chicken”. Long tail keywords will help you get even more specific traffic to your site and the visitors you get through long tail keywords are of much higher quality.

Long tail keyword will help you get more targeted traffic as they have intention and they help you focus on what it is that you provide on your site in connection to what people are looking for. For example, let’s take the keyword “summer dress”. People who type this keyword could be looking for various different things; they might be looking for pictures of summer dresses, for example. On the other hand, a long tail keyword such as “where is the best place to buy a short summer dress for a beach party” is much more targeted, and will get you the specific type of traffic you need.

It is true that long tail keywords have low searches, but on the bright side keep in mind that competition for long tail keywords is also very low, so using long tail keywords will help you rank higher, and will also ensure that all the traffic you get through them is of high quality.

One of the easiest ways of finding long tail keywords is by using the alphabet soup technique. This involves typing in a keyword on a search engine, such as “summer dress” and then writing down the letters of the alphabet one by one. So, for example, you would write “summer dress a” and look at the suggestions the search engine gives you so that you are able to work out which long tail keywords people usually look for that might be relevant to your site. Typing “summer dress a”, for example, brings up the suggestion “summer dress and jacket”; “summer dress b” brings up “summer dress brands” which might be relevant to someone who sells summer dresses, and so on.

Keyword research will give you Blog a Boost, and is essential to get a quality ranking and targeted, high quality traffic to your site, and  once you know about them they are also easy to use to your advantage and increase visitors to your website.

If you would like to boost you Blog traffic but don’t know how, then take action and sign up to this amazing Blogging course for just $1 and fast track your online success.

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Get your Blog on the Google Podium

Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs

Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs

Are you going to the Formula 1 Grand Prix? Are you watching it on TV? Do you read about it or follow it on the internet?

Do you read any of the millions of Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs? I did a search for Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs, and it returned 12.6 Million results! Wow!!!! (Note: if you search for ‘Formula 1 Blogs’ you get 181 Million results).


So can you compete with them all? YES you can, but you need;

  1. A passionate interest in the sport
  2. A desire to learn and share knowledge
  3. An ability to connect personally with other fans around the world
  4. A great understanding of Content Marketing and Social Media
  5. A Blog!
  • Passion:  Being passionate and wanting to interact with other Formula 1 fans is a great start, and will help you on your path to success.
  • Learn and Share Knowledge: This is so important, as a lot of Bloggers don’t bother with the education and tend to drift along with their passion, but not really getting any results, or rewards for their efforts.
  • Connecting on a Personal level: This is the ability to engage with people of all different backgrounds, and share your thoughts and knowledge on the latest Formula 1 topics.
  • Content Marketing and Social Media: These are the strategies that will get you to the top! Writing quality content and learning to use Social Media to promote your Blog will help drive it up the rankings.
  • A Blog: This goes without saying J without a Blog a as way to communicate with others, you might as well be just another Twitter user, or Facebook fan!

If you have all of the above then you might just have what it takes to have a successful Blog and appear on the front pages of the Search engines.

An often overlooked requirement is Researching Blog Topics;

Subject Research

You may be a huge fan of Formula 1 Grand Prix’s but not be across all topics or areas of interest. It is extremely important to Research Blog Topics before taking the time and effort to write an article on them. Also it is important to keep up to date with what is happening so you can engage your Blog followers.

So make sure you take time to research new and interesting changes in the sport, as this may differentiate you from other Bloggers, and could help identify a niche where you become the ‘expert’.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the best ways to conquer the Search Engines, and find your way to the front page and hence expose your Blog to millions of readers around the world.

By choosing Keywords that relate to your Blog topic, and that have a low to medium amount of competition, you can soon overtake Bloggers that don’t do their research. Using tools like Google Keywords, and Bing Keyword Tool, you can find out what common search terms are being used for your particularly Blog and write an article based on those terms.

Search Trends Research

In order to stay relevant and ahead of the other Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs, you can use Google Trends to look at what search terms are being used the most and what are going to ‘Break Out’. This is a great way to identify topics that may no longer be searched for, and focus your time on those that are increasing in popularity (e.g. ‘Formula 1 Australia’ – peaks every year in March).

If all of this seems a little too hard then you’ll need to stick to your day job! However if you are still interested and keen to learn more about ways to creating a professional and successful Formula 1 Grand Prix Blog, then get educated and sign up to a Learn How To Blog course that provides everything you need to succeed and more….

Success takes time, however it can also be both personal and financially $$ rewarding.

Happy Blogging



Online education lets your learn wherever you are

Online Education Courses

Online Education Courses

Online Education Courses are a great way to expand your knowledge in the comfort of your home. They give you the flexibility to study at your own pace, and are often much cheaper than attending a college or university as you can continue to work and study, as well as not needing to pay for the use of the training facilities.

About 8 years ago I studied a Masters by Distance Education in Australia to move my career to the next level. This has since worked, but took 3 years of hard work and dedication, not only from me, but also my partner. I have since had several managerial roles, and run large projects, as well as developed a greater appreciation for the power of the Internet and the opportunities it has opened up.

I have also completed many Online Certifications that have also helped expand my subject matter expertise, and have proven this is a great way to become certified in a particular field in order to allow you to work in that specialized area (e.g. Forklift driver, Barista, or even Scuba Diving Instructor).

The only requirements are;

  1. A computer
  2. An internet connection
  3. The desire to learn and succeed

You can actually sometimes get away without #1 and #2 if you live near a library or internet café!!

However #3 is key to being successful and having the desire to better yourself.

Types of Online Training Courses

There are several types of Online Training courses that are available, through various means;

  • Distance Education – via a College or university (MBA, Degree, Diploma, or similar certification offered by an education institute)
  • Online Professional Diploma – offered by a professional agency (e.g. RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol – required to serve alcohol in public licensed venues).
  • Personal Development – or Self-improvement (Learn How to Blog and Start an Online Business!)

The choice of Online Training Course will be based on your personal needs and where you are at in life! Some people tend to like to complete a degree to prove they can, or to better their career.

Personal Development

Then there is the person wishing to simply increase their knowledge in a certain area, for Personal Development. This could be finance (how to trade Forex, how to renovate your home, or How to start a business online!

There are many organisations that provide free or great value online training courses in Thousands of different subjects. However it is important that you check out what you are getting before handing over your Credit Card!

It is also important that your Partner is on-board, as it can take a lot of personal time to succeed and complete some online courses, even though they tend to be more flexible, they should completed in a time frame that you agree to in order to ensure success, as this can take up valuable free time.

This type of Online Education Course can also transform your life and allow you to work from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet. A lot of people have given up their day job simply by educating themselves on how to profit from their Blog, which is often something they are passionate about.

Learn How to Blog – is a great example of a quality training course that provides 12 months or more of material to give you enough knowledge to start a Blog and profit from it, or transform an existing Blog and turn it into a $100k+ income. Their is fast online support available and a huge amount of free material and other students to share knowledge with. Some students even diversify into Affiliate marketing as they believe in the quality of the training provided an value for money.