Keeping Up with Blogging Trends

Keeping up with Blogging Trends

Why Should You Keep up with Blogging Trends?

Keeping up with Blogging trends = The most popular approaches taken to working with; blog content, SEO strategy, and software applications in order to gain a larger following.

In recent years Google has made sweeping changes in algorithms used to determine blog index placement. The updates are ongoing and will always continue to be, and along with the regular Google updates, bloggers are becoming ever wiser. As techniques regarding how to increase your blog audience become more popular, the strategies become further refined.

The above embodies in a nutshell why you should keep up with blogging trends. They are innovative, effective, and are developed by those in the know. There is no other way to effectively monetize your blog than through visitors, so it’s a given that you need to participate.

Here are a few current blogging trends:

Fresh and unique content:

Google has all but eliminated spam content sites. Solid content should now be your number one priority. Make a point to stand out from the rest.

Quality images:

With sites such as Pinterest and Instagram gaining in popularity, it’s a good idea to provide quality images along with informative text.

Follow top ranking blogs:

These are the ones who have been there and done the legwork. Read their content to glean valuable knowledge and insight – pay attention to what they do. Leave good quality interactive comments, and link to related content.

Join social networking groups:

You will find groups and individuals relative to your content within social media communities, such as; Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and others. Each contact established in this way will have their own followers who are subsequently exposed to your posts.

Stay on top:

Once you have found the best ranking SEO blogs to follow, follow them in earnest. Like others you may feel that some of their posts go over your head, but work with what you can. They are the gurus, so it would benefit you to read and stay informed.

Optimize for mobile devices:

Mobile technology is predicted to become one of the bigger boons in Web and social media technology. Ensure that your site is ready to ride the wave to success.

Enrol in a training course or find a mentor:

Look around online and off. There are many knowledgeable people within this area that would love to provide their knowledge for free or a fee. Or you can converse with people you know who may have blogging trend expertise. See if you can ‘pick their brains’; or you can run ideas by them to gain insight.

A training course that will provide you all the above information for Keeping up with Blogging Trends, and is also a great place to start for newbies. For a small monthly cost it will have you leaping ahead of the competition in no time. Try Learn How to Blog now for $1 and get access to 12 months worth of training that is being constantly updated with the latest trends.

Get your Blog on the Google Podium

Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs

Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs

Are you going to the Formula 1 Grand Prix? Are you watching it on TV? Do you read about it or follow it on the internet?

Do you read any of the millions of Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs? I did a search for Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs, and it returned 12.6 Million results! Wow!!!! (Note: if you search for ‘Formula 1 Blogs’ you get 181 Million results).


So can you compete with them all? YES you can, but you need;

  1. A passionate interest in the sport
  2. A desire to learn and share knowledge
  3. An ability to connect personally with other fans around the world
  4. A great understanding of Content Marketing and Social Media
  5. A Blog!
  • Passion:  Being passionate and wanting to interact with other Formula 1 fans is a great start, and will help you on your path to success.
  • Learn and Share Knowledge: This is so important, as a lot of Bloggers don’t bother with the education and tend to drift along with their passion, but not really getting any results, or rewards for their efforts.
  • Connecting on a Personal level: This is the ability to engage with people of all different backgrounds, and share your thoughts and knowledge on the latest Formula 1 topics.
  • Content Marketing and Social Media: These are the strategies that will get you to the top! Writing quality content and learning to use Social Media to promote your Blog will help drive it up the rankings.
  • A Blog: This goes without saying J without a Blog a as way to communicate with others, you might as well be just another Twitter user, or Facebook fan!

If you have all of the above then you might just have what it takes to have a successful Blog and appear on the front pages of the Search engines.

An often overlooked requirement is Researching Blog Topics;

Subject Research

You may be a huge fan of Formula 1 Grand Prix’s but not be across all topics or areas of interest. It is extremely important to Research Blog Topics before taking the time and effort to write an article on them. Also it is important to keep up to date with what is happening so you can engage your Blog followers.

So make sure you take time to research new and interesting changes in the sport, as this may differentiate you from other Bloggers, and could help identify a niche where you become the ‘expert’.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the best ways to conquer the Search Engines, and find your way to the front page and hence expose your Blog to millions of readers around the world.

By choosing Keywords that relate to your Blog topic, and that have a low to medium amount of competition, you can soon overtake Bloggers that don’t do their research. Using tools like Google Keywords, and Bing Keyword Tool, you can find out what common search terms are being used for your particularly Blog and write an article based on those terms.

Search Trends Research

In order to stay relevant and ahead of the other Formula 1 Grand Prix Blogs, you can use Google Trends to look at what search terms are being used the most and what are going to ‘Break Out’. This is a great way to identify topics that may no longer be searched for, and focus your time on those that are increasing in popularity (e.g. ‘Formula 1 Australia’ – peaks every year in March).

If all of this seems a little too hard then you’ll need to stick to your day job! However if you are still interested and keen to learn more about ways to creating a professional and successful Formula 1 Grand Prix Blog, then get educated and sign up to a Learn How To Blog course that provides everything you need to succeed and more….

Success takes time, however it can also be both personal and financially $$ rewarding.

Happy Blogging



Online education lets your learn wherever you are

Online Education Courses

Online Education Courses

Online Education Courses are a great way to expand your knowledge in the comfort of your home. They give you the flexibility to study at your own pace, and are often much cheaper than attending a college or university as you can continue to work and study, as well as not needing to pay for the use of the training facilities.

About 8 years ago I studied a Masters by Distance Education in Australia to move my career to the next level. This has since worked, but took 3 years of hard work and dedication, not only from me, but also my partner. I have since had several managerial roles, and run large projects, as well as developed a greater appreciation for the power of the Internet and the opportunities it has opened up.

I have also completed many Online Certifications that have also helped expand my subject matter expertise, and have proven this is a great way to become certified in a particular field in order to allow you to work in that specialized area (e.g. Forklift driver, Barista, or even Scuba Diving Instructor).

The only requirements are;

  1. A computer
  2. An internet connection
  3. The desire to learn and succeed

You can actually sometimes get away without #1 and #2 if you live near a library or internet café!!

However #3 is key to being successful and having the desire to better yourself.

Types of Online Training Courses

There are several types of Online Training courses that are available, through various means;

  • Distance Education – via a College or university (MBA, Degree, Diploma, or similar certification offered by an education institute)
  • Online Professional Diploma – offered by a professional agency (e.g. RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol – required to serve alcohol in public licensed venues).
  • Personal Development – or Self-improvement (Learn How to Blog and Start an Online Business!)

The choice of Online Training Course will be based on your personal needs and where you are at in life! Some people tend to like to complete a degree to prove they can, or to better their career.

Personal Development

Then there is the person wishing to simply increase their knowledge in a certain area, for Personal Development. This could be finance (how to trade Forex, how to renovate your home, or How to start a business online!

There are many organisations that provide free or great value online training courses in Thousands of different subjects. However it is important that you check out what you are getting before handing over your Credit Card!

It is also important that your Partner is on-board, as it can take a lot of personal time to succeed and complete some online courses, even though they tend to be more flexible, they should completed in a time frame that you agree to in order to ensure success, as this can take up valuable free time.

This type of Online Education Course can also transform your life and allow you to work from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet. A lot of people have given up their day job simply by educating themselves on how to profit from their Blog, which is often something they are passionate about.

Learn How to Blog – is a great example of a quality training course that provides 12 months or more of material to give you enough knowledge to start a Blog and profit from it, or transform an existing Blog and turn it into a $100k+ income. Their is fast online support available and a huge amount of free material and other students to share knowledge with. Some students even diversify into Affiliate marketing as they believe in the quality of the training provided an value for money.



  • Let INXS – KICK start your Blog Traffic
  • Let INXS – KICK start your Blog Traffic

Let INXS – KICK start your Blog Traffic

Let INXS – KICK start your Blog

As you may have seen in the Australian Media, INXS have recently been boosted to the top of the Music Charts in Australia due to both a mass marketing campaign for the recent TV drama based on the story of the rise of INXS, and the music shops that are playing the amazing KICK album that sold out Wembley Stadium in July 1991.

INXS are a Perth band who due to a lot of hard work and media attention broke into the American and European music screen in the late 1980’s with their album KICK. I was one of the lucky Teenagers that got to see them live at the Nottingham Concert Hall in the UK before the Album really took off.

In the 1990’s Social Media was unheard of, and the only way to break into the music industry was to draw attention to yourself either via the newspapers, radio, or TV, and also have some great music and public appeal. Michael Hutchence helped this along by dating famous celebrities such as; Helena Christensen (Supermodel), Kylie Minogue (who was famous at the time for her lead role in the hugely popular Aussie Drama ‘Neighbours’), and Paula Yates (UK TV celebrity and ex-wife of Sir Bob Geldof).

These public relationships Let INXS Kick start their world music domination, and threw the band into the spotlight in the UK and USA, and created the attention the band needed to get their music heard outside of Australia. So why not Let INXS – KICK start your Blog?

How to create Blog Traffic

INXS haven’t been this famous since the lead singer Michael Hutchence died, and young people are discovering their great music for the first time now thanks to both traditional media channels and Social Media, and writing about current trends and media topics will grab the attention of those searching to find more, and is a great lesson on How to create Blog Traffic.

Today INXS have a presence on the leading Social Media applications; Facebook and Twitter, and probably others. This has helped them to stay in the spotlight and created hundreds of threads and comments regarding the actors, story-line, and reality in the recent TV drama. It has also hugely increased their following, which has since driven their KICK album to the top of the Australian charts again.

One way you can kick start you Blog Traffic from the recent attention, is to right relevant articles, which can either be controversial, or informative about the band. You may then want to add a product from the Amazon store (INXS – KICK Album), or other memorabilia.

Writing Reviews

Writing reviews of the show, or of their Albums / Concerts / Band Members, is another great way to draw traffic to your Blog.

Be careful to make it relevant to you Blog topic though, as INXS and cookbooks may not work well together, and Google will not see the relevance. However a Music Blog, or Fan club Blog may be more relevant as long as you can tie it back into your recent post. There are always ways to make it relevant to a cooking Blog, such as researching what food the band like best, or a Cake iced like one of the Albums! By doing this you can Let INXS KICK start you Blog Traffic.

Keeping an eye on the latest popular current affairs or social media trending topics, means you can expose your Blog to a new audience.



Social Media Networking Services

What are Social Media Networking Services?

What  are Social Media Networking Services?

One of the biggest changes in the world of business is the way we interact with our potential customers, thanks to social media networking services. In the old days if we want to promote our services, company or product we would have to take out newspaper advertisements, television advertisements or radio commercials but now with the introduction of social media networking services including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, business owners and marketing professionals are able to communicate their message to a much wider audience in shorter space of time.

Social networking sites

These sites include; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+,  and Tumblr, are not just online fun social networking sites for people who want to make friends and share their news, social networking sites are an important part of an online marketing strategy.

One of the biggest users of social networking sites are record companies. Record companies like to use the likes of Facebook and Twitter to promote their artists, let the fans know about new albums coming out and new tours, knowing that by using social networking sites such as Facebook will reduce their marketing costs and allow them to get the message out straight away.

When a record company decides they are going to add on new dates for a tour, the first thing they do is to announce it on Twitter and Facebook. This allows the record companies to save a fortune on advertising and it allows them to get the news out straight away, which means within hours of announcing a new date to a tour that tour date could be sold out.

For a business of any size the two best social networking sites to use at the moment are Facebook and Twitter. These two sites allow a business owner to reach out to their potential customers, reaching out to millions of potential customers who could buy your product and service, and best of all you can run a successful marketing campaign for free.

By using Social Media for Businesses you can develop your brand, you can communicate with your potential customer, giving them a personal experience with your company. Twitter allows you to have a quick response with your potential customer, allowing you to gain a following and speak to your customers and encourage them to buy your products or services.

Why use Social Media Networking sites?

They are a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website;

  • they allow you to let people know about a new article, product review or news you want to share with the world.
  • Every time you post on a social network, you are leaving a footprint, gaining a link to your site but more importantly, you are letting people know about your blog or website.

There are many tools out there that allow you to use social networks in a simple way.

Instead of you posting articles on your site and then going to different social networking sites to let people know about your new article, you can simply buy an extension which will take this time consuming job away and instead post details about every single new article you put on your site.

If you are looking to communicate with your potential customers or to gain traffic to your blog or website then using social networking sites is the answer.

If you want to learn more about using these sites to promote your business and drive traffic to your Blog or website, then join the Learn How to Blog team now and get started on changing your future.

  • Social Media for Businesses

Social Media for Businesses

Social Media for Businesses

Social media has emerged as a boost for a huge variety of online users, from those people with niche blogs to major businesses like Red Bull, or Coca Cola. Apart from making a website, and starting a Blog, using Social Media for Businesses is so important in today’s world.

Strategically designed online marketing programs provide a great help in achieving business goals. Social media marketing allows responses to be received in real-time, which doesn’t only speed up your sales activity, but also helps to improve your products by being able to utilize the feedback (good and bad). Gone are the days of going door to door for marketing. It’s time to get smarter and explore the limitless rewards that the digital world can offer to develop your business efficiently.

When we want to engage the customer, you need to utilize social networking websites and tools. Social media started a revolution and is a perfect place to communicate globally.

Social Media Sites

Signing up to various social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, and Pinterest, plays a considerable role in creating a change in your marketing strategy. In addition to making pages and posting advertisements on Facebook and Twitter, uploading videos of products on YouTube is recommended for increasing your audience as search engines show preference to videos and Pictures. Sending personal or business emails with cheesy, short and descriptive subject lines, entices the existing marketing list to a lesser extent than by using Social Media to interact in real-time.

Starting up with your own blog and providing the audience with unique and quality content act as a milestone in business development. These blogs can be well promoted on social media to build a rapport with the customer and keeps them updated with new products and services. Every time you update your Blog, send out a notification using your Social Media accounts, and use Google tools to track the response. I often use the Google URL shortening tool to help to keep the messages short;

Customer engagement can be achieved by updating your blog frequently and consistently with knowledgeable and interesting information. Provide new and existing customers with the best information about your services and be prompt in replying to their questions. Access all the social media accounts frequently so as to avoid missing out any useful query and maintain harmony with customer.

Social Media saves Money

When it comes to overall expenditure in online promotion of business, it’s not a large expense. Due to the abundance of competition for online campaigning, posting advertisements on social media is quite pocket friendly, and ensures you are interacting effectively with the customer throughout.

Using Social Media to Promote your Business takes time, and to make a considerable number of online followers requires patience, so keep utilizing your knowledge to update your blog and promoting it on social media. You shouldn’t give up as the beginning is always the hardest. If you are still unsure, read this article on ‘Why Small Business need a Blog’.

To put in a nutshell, social media is a blessing in this digital world, utilize it the best you can, and keep learning and following the latest social media tools and trends to help you to keep climbing the stairs of success in your business.

What is the most successful marketing technique you’ve used outside of Social Media?

  • 5 Tips to a Successful Business Blog

5 Tips to a Successful Business Blog


5 Tips to a Successful Business Blog

Online blogging is not only a way to promote products and services but also a great avenue to earn money. Most blogs are interactive and provide a considerable deal of satisfaction to the blogger. Blogs range from building personal online diaries to advertising your own brands. They can be connected to social networking websites to get prompt responses and reach larger audiences. So, if you have an idea, passion, or Business, then you are ready for a Blog. All you need is to design a good layout and ensure easy navigation, which can be obtained by using applications such as WordPress.

Following are a few tips to win the race and become a Successful Business Blogger.

1. Frequent Blog Posts:

Show your ardent interest by maintaining regularity of posts. If you have a significant number of followers, they will look forward to reading you Blog more often. Frequent updates are required to hold the attention of an audience. Promote and share consistently without forgetting a call to action; to buy a product, respond to your article, or download a free e-book.

2. Add Value to your readers:

Interesting and quality content is always appreciated. Keeping abreast of the latest trends adds to the value of the post. Well-equipped and unique content works best towards costumer engagement. It can be enhanced by adding relevant information enriched in pictures, videos and articles.  It engages the customer and promotes your business effectively.

 3. Be Patient:

Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes time to grab people’s attention and build a huge following. Getting appreciated for your work in in the world of blog traffic is a great achievement. Keep maintaining your blog with aesthetically ordered quality content, good keywords, and attention to SEO, and you will come into the light sooner.

 4. Be Original:

Credible content is much more acceptable. Being loyal with the audience helps to keep them engaged and promotes your product to a larger crowd. Blogs should be maintained originally and hiring someone to write on your behalf is certainly not the best idea, unless they are a tried and tested writer that understands your Blog topic or niche. However, after building a significant following blogs can be expanded according to need.

 5. Welcome feedback:

Be acceptable towards appreciation as well as suggestions to improve your blog. Allowing people to comment on your posts make your blog interactive and audiences do enjoy it. If you are consistent in responding to comments, you are on the right track. A blog without a call to action is ineffective and lacks in customer engagement, so make sure you ask for ideas, or feedback on your articles.


When there is creativity and focus, there is a blog. A blogger should be open enough to promote and share what he writes. Apart from above 5 tips to a Successful Business Blog, don’t forget to proofread twice before posting your content.00

A desire to succeed and perseverance will help your blog to go miles and miles ahead. Having a point of view is always great and sharing it with others is easy to do in a Blog.

Please Leave a Comment stating your favorite Blog that you read regularly.

A Small Business Blog

Why Small Businesses need a Blog

Why Small Businesses need a Blog

The traditional method of expanding a business is to either rely on word-of-mouth or use paid advertising. These methods are still used effectively; however with the introduction of the internet marketing tools are changing and the audience and readership of newspapers and magazines is moving online. A Small Business blog is the online version of the traditional marketing tools, and if used correctly can be extremely effective in attracting a more global audience, as well as allowing instant interaction with customers.

The first attraction of a blog, both for the blogger and the reader, is it is free and voluntary. By writing frequent articles and blog updates, customers can comment on them and in turn drive additional traffic fueling more interest and a steady increase in followers and traffic to your Blog or website. A blog quietly goes about spreading the word without the fanfare and big budget of an advertising Campaign in the media, and if the product or service you are blogging about has inherent merits to it, the spread is exponential in no time.

If you are willing to put in the time, it is quite easy to be part of the breed of bloggers who are respected professionals in their field, and who when they blog carry an air of authority and trustworthiness about them. So hearing the word from them spurs the reader to trust them and go and buy the product or service himself. Also blogs carrying business articles and business news are contributory to the growth of any business.

A Small business blog

A small business blog is a great relationship tool, and allows the customer to freely interact with you and often this feedback contributes to the growth and improvement of the blog and the business. Blogging is free and maintaining it is quite easy, unlike the overhead of a Marketing or Public Relations department which a small business can neither afford nor keep it cost effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool in making the blog effective. After all, every business owner would love to have his product or service or company name pop up in the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo, when someone searches for it. SEO is the way to go about it and a small business blog cannot do without it.

A Video Blog

Finally it is worth mentioning about a video blog for a small business in conjunction or in preference to a plain written one. Video diaries or Blogs have their own appeal to the prospective customer of the business – a video is worth a thousand words, and a short and recurring video about the product, about the company and its profile, and about user experience can greatly enhance the small businesses presence online and that is can often convert to be more money at the till. A video blog, because of its appeal to the search engines, can increase your blogs rankings quicker, and is a great way to share knowledge or show off any products or services you have.

Learning How to Blog

If you would like to learn more about Starting a Blog for your business or simply learn how to blog better, then try a 12 month course full of amazing content to grow your business quickly and professionally.  Learn How To Blog

Choosing a Blog Topic

Choosing a Blog Topic

Starting a Blog

Have you started blogging or are you planning to soon? You may have noticed that there are blogs that are extremely successful while others never take off. While the success or failure of a blog is a result of many factors, it all comes down to the personal efforts behind the blog. If you already have a business then this would be the perfect opportunity to provide valuable information to your customers, and to broaden your customer base. The following points may help you start and maintain a successful blogging venture.

Choosing a Blog Topic;

Identify your passion

Creating a successful blog starts with identifying your passion, or what would make you get out of bed in the morning? Many would-be bloggers try to copy others, and this is the first mistake. A major rule in blogging is to be yourself no matter what. Therefore, identify something that you are really passionate about and blog about it. There is a difference between an interest and a passion. Focus on passion because you live it, and leave interests aside because you just like them, and they won’t keep you motivated.

Identify a niche within your chosen topic

The next step to successful blogging is identifying a niche. A blogging niche is simply what you will be writing about. What type of information would you want to give your audience? The tightness or broadness of the niche can effect the size of the audience, so make sure it is not too specific, yet isn’t a topic with millions of blogs already existing. In identifying the niche, your passion plays a big role. What topics would you write on for your entire life? Are you an expert in any particular field? Content is what keeps a blog going so choose a niche that will allow for flexibility. Using keyword search tools will help you settle on one topic from the list you have already generated. Blogging with the search engines in mind is a guarantee for online success. Do your research to make sure you have a market and analyze the amount of competition using basic keyword tools and search engine results.

After doing research in your niche, you will realize that regardless of your passion or niche, chances are that there are already bloggers working along that line. Analyze that competition and plan how to beat it. The first step in beating competition is knowing who you are and not copying. Bad mouthing competition is not only unprofessional but it might also lose you readers. Instead, a blogger should embrace competition and use it as an inspiration for better work.

Start blogging

Finally, once you have finished Choosing a Blog Topic, you can choose a domain name and get your blog up and running. To Learn How to Blog, and open up the world to your passion, try taking a course like this one;

Most importantly, stay true for yourself, and stay positive. This will define your style, and over time you will create a successful blog!

  • Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog

Blogging is an exciting way to express your ideas and make a little bit of income for doing so. Many people blog successfully and the great part about blogging is that you are in charge of your own business. Starting a blog isn’t easy, but with dedication and hard work you will be well on your way of starting your very own home business.

Choosing a Blog Topic

Start out by choosing a blog topic. While this can be about anything that your heart desires, the idea is to pick a topic that people will follow. You might be someone who loves to write about the history of commercial crab fishing, but such a topic might only have a very limited audience. Instead pick a more general topic such as sports reporting, popular hobbies, or even current events.

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog

The next thing you will need to do is pick out a domain name. Choosing a domain name for your blog is a big deal and you will want to do your homework here. A domain name should describe what the blog is about. It is critical that the domain name is easy to say and it should be easy to spell. It might be a good idea to type your candidates for a domain name into a search engine and see what comes up for results. The last thing you want is for your domain name to be associated with something negative.

Choosing a Web Hosting Company

You will need to find a company to host your website. Like picking out a domain name, you will want to do your research when choosing a web hosting company for your blog. Check what the company charges for hosting fees and what the terms of use are. You should also make sure the company is reliable and that your users can visit your website easily without long load times.

Start Blogging

Now you can get to the fun part and start blogging. The exciting part about starting a blog is watching it grow. At first many people won’t visit your blog and that is normal, but as you continue to blog your website will grow and search engines will start to notice it. The more you blog, the more likely people are going to visit your blog. That is a great and rewarding feeling.

Try to favor text blogging over pictures or videos at first. While it might be tempting to make a high quality video, the truth of the matter is that doing so will not optimize your blog for search engines. What you should do instead is use text for your articles and then host the videos on websites like YouTube in order to drive traffic to your blog. The more people visit your blog, the more revenue you are going to make through advertising. Also you should spend some time becoming familiar with search engine optimization and make sure you send emails to your friends and family every time you make a new post.