A Few Basics of Social Marketing to Help Market your Blog

Socia Media Basics

Did you know that some people admit to breaking out in hives at just the thought of using social media to promote their blog? True, there are many social media platforms you can use but the key to avoid becoming overwhelmed is to focus on a select few. Many successful bloggers will agree that at the very least, you should take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. However, what do you do once you have set up your profile in these social mediums?

Avoid Twitter Blunders

When you speak directly to someone on Twitter, you typically type the “at” symbol and their Twitter handle such as @theirname. This conversation would only be seen by the recipient and immediate followers. However, if you are talking about someone, but not necessarily directly to them, it is important that you put a character of some sort like the period punctuation mark before the Twitter handle like .@theirname. In this case, all of your followers would see it.

Hashtags can be quite useful but don’t overuse them. The typical number of hashtags to use without being annoying is up to three per tweet. This social media basic is important to remember when promoting your blog. The hashtag is a great way to emphasise the topic of your tweet as well as aid others in finding your Twitter content.

Implement the List Option

Once you create profiles on your key social media platforms, use the list function as a way to filter content. One of the basics of blog promotion is following and posting on other blogs. The list feature on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus helps categorise the people you follow. It’s a great tool. The contacts you make through these lists is invaluable. Lists help you with online networking too, a key social media basic for bloggers.

Use Photos as a Visual Tool

Photos are a great way to keep your blog followers engaged. One of the primary social media basics is to use pictures as they can be implemented through most social media platforms. You can get some great attention posting a photo or album on your blog’s Facebook page. If your blog content and photo is a good fit for Pinterest, you can post it there so others have the ability to re-pin. Of course, if you consolidate some of your social media platforms, you can save time. For instance, post a photo on Instagram and then tweet it out. At the same time, it could be uploaded to Facebook.

It will take some experimenting to determine which social media platforms would best suit your blog’s needs. Blog promotion requires that you learn a few social media basics because your reach through different platforms could exponentially grow your readership.

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